I have many visions for the community I serve. “Where there is not community, trust, respect, ethical behavior are difficult for the young to learn and for the old to maintain.” Robert K. Greenleaf

My overall vision is to develop a community servant leaders by modeling the philosophy and in doing so create an environment where students, faculty, and staff can learn, grow, and succeed. I envision each student succeeding by learning the basic concepts of literacy and applying them as a concrete foundation of all learning.  

“Literacy is the bedrock of learning. When students can manipulate information and ideas both accurately and fluently, and when they read not only for knowledge but also for joy and wonder, their capacity to learn and express themselves rests on a stable foundation unlikely to crumble even in a seismic educational or life event.”  Berger, R., Woodfin, L., & Vilen, A. (2016). Learning that lasts: Challenging, engaging, and empowering students with deeper instruction. Jossey-Bass.

A necessary component to student success is the teacher-to-student relationship, as well as, the involvement of the parents in the child’s education. Building relationships is a necessity and all are invited to participate equitably. Integrating Parent-Student-Teacher Organizations, parent/family volunteer programs, community support activities, and weekly effective communication to all stakeholders will be part of our school culture.

Teacher success leads to student success. Integrating effective Professional Learning Communities are necessary to build effective teaching and learning. Departmental, subject-related, student-focused PLCs will be established for the success of the educators, as well as providing for the emotional health and support of our staff.