Anyone can learn with the right foundation. Literacy is that foundation.


I envision each student succeeding by learning the basic concepts of literacy and applying them as a concrete foundation of all learning.


The end goal is that each student is reading at or above grade level by the time they end that grade to make certain they can read and understand all subject matter placed before them on their path to graduation.


School Improvement identifies the academic and priority goals along with strategies for each school


Change is not a bad word, it only means we are moving forward. Change = Progress.

Culture and Climate

“Culture goes much deeper than a mission statement. Culture is how group members actually behave, repeatedly and habitually.” With that climate is, “The product of the attention to those behaviors. It is the school’s effects on its people. It is something you can actually feel.” – James C. Hunter

Best Practices

Be visible. …
Focus on teaching and learning, not test scores. …
Be the leader, not the chief problem solver. …
Communicate clearly and effectively. …
Support extra-curricular activities. …
Support your teachers. …
Keep your sense of humor and don’t be afraid to use it. – We Are Teachers


Data drives instruction. Data provides a window into practices and outcomes.

Shawn Weisser

“Through the effective supervision of instruction, administrators can reinforce and enhance teaching practices that will contribute to improved student learning”.

-Cheryl F. Fischer

Shawn Weisser


Shawn Weisser

Resource Management

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Welfare and Safety

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Shawn Weisser

Parents and Community

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Leadership Roles

Shawn Weisser

Leadership Professional Developement