My Philosophies

never a failure always a lesson

Although education is about success it is equally about failure. We learn from our failures. We learn to never give up, we learn to look outside the box, we learn to analyze what went wrong and, more importantly, what went right, and we learn humility. Then, we learn how to celebrate success.

Everyone can learn. IQ is not set at birth, nor is it static.

Literacy is the foundation of learning. Teach someone to read and they can learn ANYTHING.

Education is a team effort inside and outside of the building. Schools need invested teachers and teachers need invested parents in order to have invested students.

When a child enters pre-kindergarten the goal is not to get to the end of the school year, instead, it is to get to the end of twelfth grade and ready for the next step. 

Diversity is necessary for harmony.

A healthy body produces a healthy mind.

Kindness and Compassion are verbs.