For Students:

To create a learning environment that promotes literacy as the foundation of successful education so that students may successfully be prepared for the grade level educational requirements of the next grade. The end goal is that each student is reading at or above grade level by the time they end that grade to make certain they can read and understand all subject matter placed before them on their path to graduation.

To support parents in the education of their children and provide a learning resource, support, and structure families may use for the successful development of their children.

For Staff:

To create an educational team environment where we all succeed in the education of our students, support each other in that endeavor, support the individual educational goals of the staff, provide opportunities for betterment and growth as educators and in their personal goals.

For School:

To create a happy, healthy, and success learning environment for all stakeholders where all are given respect and are shown empathy.

For the district:

To support the educational goals and endeavors of the district within our school and communities.